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Department of Computer Science

Laboratory for Computer Science Research

Research Wireless Network
A research project from 2001 of
Laboratory for Computer Science Research
Department of Computer Science

Who May Use Research Wireless.
This service is open to all Rutgers Users and its guest for RESEARCH purposes. Please use RUWireless for general purpose usage.

WARNING About Research Wireless

This login window is encrypted and secured by SSL Encryption. This means your Login information is protected during login. However, other communications on this wireless network are not secured. Unless you are using secure means like secure browsing (https), ssh, vpn etc, everything is in the clear. This wireless network does not encrypt any data in the air To keep your data secure, you MUST use software that encrypt your communications. Example of such software are: Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) and Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Cookie, and Javascript enable on your web browser.
  • A computer equiped with 802.11b/g/n WiFi wireless card set to connect to wireless network named Research Wireless.
  • Your computer is set to Auto DHCP or Obtain an IP and DNS address automatically. Do not preset any DNS or IP number.
  • No proxy server set anywhere. Set it to Automatically detect settings.
  • If for some reasons you get a blank page instead of the login screen, clear your web browser cache and history then try to connect to regular website like

    Guests Access

    If you are a visitor:

  • Use the Guest button to login. A code will be sent to your contact address and you need to retrieve that code to verify your contact info.
  • Get your host to sponsor you. Rutgers person working with you can preregister your machine by going to Research Wireless Registration Managegement page and pre register your MAC Address. If you need to find out how to locate your_mac_address, go to:

    Note: Once registered, turn off your WiFi for 1 minute and turn it back on to get access automatically.

    Login Process

    To use Research Wireless, you need only to open your browser and connect to regular (http not https) website like If your internet browser is set to go to a certain page, you will be forwarded to the login screen.

  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click on the Login button to login.

    If you pass the authentication process, the login window will disappear and you will be forwarded to a new page.

    Possible Problems: If for some reasons after you logged in, you are brought back to the login screen, clear up your browser cache or try using a different browser. In likelyhood, your access to Research Wireless is already granted but your browser failed to take you to the site you wanted to go. Try enter: to see if you can connect.

    Automatic Sign-In

    Research Wireless allows automatic sign-in for Rutgers user only. This automatic sign-in expires after 1 year and needs to be redone yearly. If you have multiple devices registered on Research Wireless, you can manage these devices and renew their expiration with just one click using the Research Wireless Registration Management website. Please note if you are blocklisted, Automatic signin will not work.

    Note: If you registered for auto signin and Research Wireless still asks you to sign in, the easy fix is to turn off your WiFi network for a 1 minute and try again.

    Password Issue

    Password issue For Rutgers users, if you are having password issue, please test to see if you can login to first using Internet connected computer. It is possible that your netid/password account may be compromised and the helpdesk locked your account to prevent further damage.

    If you are still not able to login, let us know by sending email to

    Possible Problems
    Assuming you satisfied the requirements listed above, there are a couple possible problem that may occur. Here is a list and what to do about it.

    Q: Why can't I send my email?.
    A: Due to too many infected machines on Research Wireless, unsecured SMTP port (port 25) were blocked. Users are required to send email via Secured SMTP (SMTP via SSL on port 465). See your email client Outgoing Server advanced configuration.

    Q: Why do I get "Fail to get confirmation from the gateway" error?.
    A: This error happens during login on machine that has networking issues. Please restart your machine and try again.

    Important: If you were using non secure port to send your email before, you are advised to chnage your email password immediately as the password were broadcast in the clear.

    Q: How do I Logout?
    A: To Logout you simply turn off or put your machine to sleep. Research Wireless has auto logout feature which logged you out after 8 hours of non actvities.

    By Hanz Makmur